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Référence :Ref annonce 423

Société :
Société ABI Business Centrum
Sokolovska 93
cp 186 00
République tchèque
Marie Kratinova
Email scd.423@volny.cz
Url : http://www.abi-prague.com/
Présentation de la société Depuis Prague, en République tchèque, A.B.I. Business Centrum (ABI) accompagne les entreprises étrangères, principalement françaises, dans leurs réflexions et projets en République tchèque et en Slovaquie.


Pays d'expatriation :Ville République tchèque - Prague

Texte de l'annonce Our client, a major global company specialised in food industry, is currently looking for suitable candidates for the position of SUPPLY CHAIN DEVELOPER / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (CZ & SK):

Mission & specific context:
Within the SC Department, we will expect you to be pragmatic enough to deal with the technical, practical tasks linked to the SC but, at the same time, to have a global business development approach, which requires both rationality and creativity. This is the challenge.
You should prove strong:
• Independent working style
• Ability to gain credibility in a fast-moving company
• Organization and planning skills, analytical capability, fast problem understanding
and solving, ability to make decisions and willingess to take responsibilities
• Ability to manage concrete operations on a daily basis
• Ability to manage non-hierarchical teams and find common ground of understanding
• Creativity, flexibility, drive and readiness to act, initiative, motivation and willingness to learn
• Interpersonal skills, very good communication and presentation skills, ethical behavior, empathy
Adaptability and flexibility will be necessary as the SC Departement is a non-rigid structure, constantly optimizing the competencies of its managing staff, according to its own expertises and expectations.

Job description:
• Leading and/or participating in special projects
• Following up the market, the customers, in order to come up with business
development modes that are agreed with the different departments of the company
• We expect you to have a general knowledge and/or experience of the different tasks within a SCD: ensure all necessary resources availability to be able to realize forecasts in the short/medium and long term, coordinate sales & operations planning, manage logistics: transport (purchasing / operations), warehouses (operational excellence), etc.
• Reporting to the CBU SC Director
• International working environment
• Opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally

Job requirements:
- Education: University degree in economics and/or technology
- Work experience:
• Project management, Operational responsibilities
• Experience in logistics, purchasing, supply chain welcome
- IT skills: MS Office, Good experience with SAP or any other data processing system
- Age: circa 25 to 40

Skills & competencies:
- Languages:
• Very good command of English and basic Czech and/or Slovak required
• Any other language welcome
- Management skills: Non-hierarchic approach, management by influence, ability to
listen and understand other people’s business problems regardless of their hierarchic position.

If you are interested in this position, please send your application with a motivation letter & a CV in English to the following e-mail address: scd.423@volny.cz

Marie Kratinova
Email de transfert des CV



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